XBee S2B vs S3B Range and Sleep

I’ve been using the XBee S2B Pro Programmable for some time now and it’s perfect in every way except the range. I noticed the S3B 900 claims a much greater range so I’ve ordered some of those. However, in preparation of “porting” to the new device, I’m starting to see some potential issues; namely power management.

My existing setup is essentially point to point wherein the coordinator is on all the time and the other device awakes on interrupt and send a short message to the coordinator after which it returns to sleep.

While I realize there is no “coordinator” in the DM model, I would like to keep the same approach as the “coordinator” can be attached to mains and the sensor cannot. I would also like to keep roughly the same PM model where the sensor awakes on command (I’m using the PM API), transmits, gets a response, and goes back to sleep. I do not want the sensor to have to wait to transmit once the interrupt occurs.

Is that possible with the S3B? Is there a longer range programmable ZigBee model I should be looking at?

S3B also supports varies sleep modes. I guess, ‘Pin Sleep’ mode will be the best option in your project.

Look at all the Sleep Modes description in product manual to choose the most prefered one.

I asked this in a different question but I’m not sure this is accurate or at least it doesn’t appear to be quite so straightforward: