Xbee S8 module taking long time to send a packet

I am using a Xbee S8 module for my project.The module is connected to STM32 microcontroller over UART. The module is operating in API1 mode.
I am trying to form a network using Digi mesh. I set the pan-id, and try to send a packet to destination using the 64-bit destination address. The issue is the packet takes around 8 secs to get delivered to the destination. I have no idea what is going wrong here.
Plz help…!!

How long does it take to send a message from a PC running XCTU round trip without the processor?

Are you using sleep mode?

No i am not using sleep mode.

From XCTU it takes around 3 sec approx…!

How long does it take to form the network for a device??

I have a question.
On power ON is there some initialization which the host processor have to do??

What is the full part number of the module you are working with?

No, there is no additional steps an external processor needs to do to send data. Just think of the radio as nothing more than a cable with a UART.

The part number is XB8-DMUS-002-revG.
So after power On the host can start sending data directly?
What about the network formation latency?

Yes, as soon as the CTS line goes low, the radio is ready to send data.

The length of time you are seeing may be the result of the total number of channels you are allowing the radio to use. Try increasing the Channel Mask if your country will allow to use more channels.

I am not using hardware flow control. So i am not checking the CTS line. How long does it take to go low?
I set the channel mask to 3FFFFFFF, but the result is same. Actually the first unicast packet takes time, following packets gets delivered quickly.

/CTS generally can cycle to a low state from a power on state in under 100ms. (typical is around 10 to 20 ms).

The first packet will take a little time as the rout has to be determined. Once it is known, and you don’t change the address, all additional packet sent will be sent faster than the first. That is because of the rout discovery that must occur on the first time sending to that address or if that address is not in the address table.

Thanks for clearing that…!!
I was testing the communication with two devices by putting the devices in debug mode(hardware debugger). The result was very good. Like in debug mode the packet gets delivered very fast. For normal operation it took around 8 secs, but it debug mode it takes 3 secs. Any idea why it is happening?

What do you mean by hardware Debugger and normal operation? What are you putting the module in?

As far as the radio is concerned, it will act the same way regardless of what you mount it in. That is providing you are providing it 3V and connect the data lines.

By hardware debugger i mean the debugger of processor to which module is connected. When i put the processor in debug mode and sent packet i see less delay.
Sorry for the confusion.

That is something you are going to need to bring up with the support folks of that processor.