XCTU connection timeout

I have Xbee S8 (868LP) in my application and I have EVK board and I`m using it with XCTU 6.5.3.
I tried to configure the module in my application from XCTU.
I have 3 modules (2x module in my PCB and 1 in EVK board).
I send digi mesh packets every second.

I try to send digimesh packet from 1.module to 2. module and parallelly I ask for information of 1. module settings with EVK.
When 2. module is available (is turned on) I get information correctly.
When 2. module is not available (is turned off) I get message from xctu “Error Reading AT Parameters > Connection timeout”

After getting the error message I stop sending digimesh messages (I stop in me MCU) …then after few sec the communication between EVK and 1. module start to work properly.

please help.
Thank you

You should be using API mode and watch for the status frames. When a packet fails, you should not try to send another one to that radio till the next poll cycle.

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thank you :slight_smile: