Unable to connect with two 868LP 80K modules

Using 2 XBIB-U-DEV developer kits with 868LP 80K modules, both loaded with latest firmware, 8072 and default profile. As per instructions, nothing is changed and one board is with the P8 loopback USB jumper set the other is connected to a win7 pro, running ver 6.1.2 XCTU, without the P8 jumper.
Trying to communicate and connect them returns nothing (ATND returns nothing)
What should I do?

Lets get the basic questions out of the way first,. Are both boards and radios powered up using external power sources?

Verify both are at defaults by running the ATRE, WR commands. (This will solve any issues with respect to channel or pan ID).

Make sure you are entering command mode before you issue the ND command. That is you should be getting an OK after you issue the +++ and before the ATND command.

Make sure that both modules have antennas connected.

mvut, thanks a lot for your answer, even though I had to go through Digi’s support to troubleshoot.

However you nailed it on your last paragraph: I didn’t had (at the time) the antennas with me and thought I could make them talk when in very close proximity. I mean like cams away, yet they couldn’t talk … but its already solved.