Xbee Series 2 Firmware upgrade

I have some to start now a new project and my modules have the following versions: and

Do you suggest an upgrade?

Here are the changes since the 1x20 release:

Version 1.x.4.1
December 21, 2007
• Feature – XBee-PRO support
• Feature – 128bit AES Encryption Security support
• Feature – ADC & DIO line sampling and DIO change detection
• Feature – Parent verification for end devices after power cycles, resets, or when polling
• Feature – Commissioning push-button support
• Feature – JV command added to enable/disable router channel verification
• Fix – End Devices don’t start polling their parent when coming up from power cycle until a command is executed
• Fix – End Devices running with SM=4 wake on Sleep_Req pin change
• Fix – Sending serial data to a device when not joined to a network can cause a transmission lockup until reset occurs.
• Fix – Software reset could occur if ID or SC change occurs while the module is scanning to join a network
• Fix – RSSI PWM not supported in the API firmware

Hopefully this will help you make your decision.