XBee SMS -- how to receive text from any phone?

I tried ti ask this question before but apparently it never posted. Using XBee LTE Cat1 with Arduino M0 PRO. Seems to receive texts only from phone with number set into firmware settings. How can I receive texts from multiple phones? Need to do this for multiple people to control the device. Thanks

Just like anything that can receive text messages, that is nothing more than your other device sending an SMS message to its phone number. Outgoing SMS messages require you to set the outgoing number in the ATP# command.

Yes, but my issue was that the XBee would receive texts only from the phone whose number was set by ATP#. However, I realized that this was due to operating in transparent mode, in which there is apparently an ongoing implicit connection between the XBee and the phone whose number is in P#. I have found that in API mode, and with P# set to 0000000, a text from any phone will be forwarded over the serial port to the microcontroller. Thanks for your help.

That should not make a difference. The one I have I can send messages from any phone to it. This makes me sounder what firmware version you are working with and how the radio is configured.

Put the device in API mode (w/out escapes). Transparent mode, I believe, limits the incoming SMS to just the phone number specified in the register. API mode will send you a packet of information upon receiving an SMS. The packet will contain the phone number of the sender as well as the message.