Xbee Sometimes Loss of Point to Point Communication

hi everyone;
I’m new to xbee and saw your post on the forum, thanks for this.

I have Xbee s2c 63mw module connected on my arduino mega, I’m trying to do point to point communication in API mode.In fact, everything is OK, but there are moments when communication breaks down.

I couldn’t understand why. RSSI led sometimes flashes sometimes flashes

When communicating between arduino’s am I making a timing error?
Or could you think of a different situation?

Are you sending the data to the MAC address of the other node or to 0xFFFF?

Yes, I preferred 0xFFFF

Yes, I preferred 0xFFFF

I was able to send without any problem on the XCTU interface but this problem occurs with a microcontroller,

do we need to choose the address as the Mac address of the other device?

The address 0xFFFF is a broadcast packet. When using this packet, you need to account for the added delay that is used to have it re-transmitted via the network.

It would be better if you obtain the MAC address of who you want to send the data to. Then use Unicast packets.

Also, please be aware that in the Zigbee protocol, each device has a broadcast event table that can only hold 8 events. These events are held for 8 seconds. This is to prevent broadcast packets from being repeated indefinitely. this effectively limits the radios ability to transmit at a cadence of about once per second. Please see the documentation for more details.