XBEE SX Radio Module Firmware update

I would like to upgrade the Radio module (XBEE SX) firmware that is soldered on our controller board. I have access to CTS,RTS,DI,DOUT,GND,VDD signals. I have used XBIB-U-SS kit(without radio) to extend all the above mentioned signals to Our prototype. And then ran X-CTU to read all parameters, X-CTU is able to detect Radio, and communicate OK, but when I tried to upgrade the firmware it got a issue where it can’t be able to enter into program mode. you can check the log below. Please let me know if I need to extend the RESET signal, and the connection details.

Also please let me know if there is other way to upgrade the Firmware.

  • Checking for bootloader updates… [OK]
  • Getting device information… [OK]
  • Entering programming mode… [ERROR]
    Could not enter programming mode. > Could not reset the module.

You need to add DTR to these lines. Have you tried using the OTA update option?