xBee Temp/Humidity/Light sensor sending very high Aanalog values

We are testing a xBee temp/humdity/light sensor and getting raw values for temp like 10379 after conversion using formulas in wiki we get 1167.48
C - That is HOT!

Humidity 14010 after conversion 1701.91

The device seemed to provide realistic values when located in a refrigerator.

We disabled all pins that were set for digital output low D7,D4,P1,P2 so we only have analog values in the sample.

Anyone know why the raw numbers are really high?

Thank you.

Are you sure you are checking right parameter in sample API frame? The maximum value it can report is 0x03FF or 1023 in decimal.

May be you can share received API frame here and we can investigate if module is giving corrupted values.

Hi Thanks for your reply. Yes we are reading the correct fields. We have code running that sends the values via telemetry and checked the values with XCTU. I have not been able to reproduce high values. We received high values after removing the sensor from a refrigerator and batteries have been used for days (IR set to send samples every few seconds for testing code). We changed batteries, placed back into refrigerator until readings stabilize then removed. We did not see high values and have not been able to reproduce high values. Thanks again for your reply…