XBee ZB, Reported State of Input is Unstable

Using 2 XBee ZB. One of them set as coordinator and the other set as end device. The end device is configured for cyclic sleep (1 sec interval) and to report state of digital input DIO0. Both devices are mounted to Digi XBIB-U-DEV boards. On the end device board, I can press a button connected to DIO0. Am using XCTU frame logger connected to the coordinator to see what the end device sends as data for that input.

In X-CTU frame logger, I can see frames arriving correctly. The data indicates “1” for DIO0.

When I press the button on the end device board, can now see data changes to “0”. But there are occasional "1"s coming in some of the frames.

When I release the button, can now see “1” again, but for some time there are occasional "0"s.

Why is the reported state for this input unstable?

OK. Found the problem. Parameter PO (Poll Rate) was set to the maximum 3E8h. So set it back to the default 0h, and now everything works correctly.

Not sure I understand why. But then again, I don’t really understand this parameter. At least in what regards to my case where all I want is for the end device to send state of inputs.

Another thing to be careful of is that XCTU does not report (or at least not in a way that catches my attention), when it does not want to write a parameter. In the example above, when I tried to set PO back to the default 0h, it looked like it did it (the color changes), but in fact did not. Make sure you do a read after a write to make sure the parameter was “taken”.

In the particular case of setting PO back to 0h. It did not want to do it. What I had to do was set it to 10h, and then set it to 0h which then worked. This is definitely a bug in the firmware.

I am glad to here that you fixed the one issue. The issue with XCTU I would suggest you report via the Provide Feedback option.