Xbee ZB RS232 over GPRS to XCTU

Want to go from ZigBee Network to XCTU, over GPRS.
(not using ConnectPort X4)

Is it possible using a Xbee ZB RS232, GPRS Gateway (RS-232 to GPRS with transparent TCP port to RS232), and Virtual Com redirector software in windows?

Separate question: Do X4 cellular gateways allow to use a virtual com redirector software in Windows?

What Gateway or Cellular to XBee products are you referring to?

I believe you can use the Real port software to detect or add the RS232 port of the gateway via a Cellular or Ethernet connection to a remote PC.

Do you believe? Or can it be done COM PORT Redirector over GPRS? No gateway in particular. What about X4 Gateways?

That is dependent upon the device on if it supports the real port driver or not.