XBee ZB Series 2 End of Life

With the announcement of the end of life for the XBee ZB Series 2 devices in April 2016, will it be replaced with a Series 3 device that might encompass the I/O pass thru features of the Series 1 device and some other “bells and whistles”? Thank you, Tim

Yes, it has been replaced with the XBee ZB S2C module which is available in both Surface mount and through hole versions.

Sadly it still does not offer the same DIO line passing as the 802.15.4 modules do. But it does offer a larger processor that now has just the one firmware file on it that supports Coordinator, Router, and End device in both AT and API options all on one firmware file. So no changing of firmware needed any longer. Simply set an AT command and you have any one of them.