[XBee ZB] When does ZigBee ad hoc rerouting occur?

I have several XBee devices (all routers) that attempt to transmit an empty data frame every n seconds to the coordinator. If the transmission succeeds, it turns an LED green, if it fails, it turns the LED red.

We spread these out to verify network deployments. If a device goes out of range and turns red, we would expect that inserting an additional router within range of both will allow the original device to get a route again and turn green.

However, this does not appear to be happening. When is AODV supposed to be triggered to rediscover routes? AR is not enabled on the coordinator, so many-to-one/source routing is not being used.

Try doing a Node Discovery from the coordinator to that node or from that node that is out of range to the Coordinator. That would trigger it. Also sending a new packet would trigger it.

Sending a new packet in which direction? From the out-of-range node to the coordinator, or vice versa?

Either direction but if it was me, I would send a new packet from the out of range node. Just understand that it may take several attempts before the out of range node realizes that it needs to re-join the network.

Hm, yeah. I’ve been trying that but it doesn’t seem to cause any rerouting even after 30 minutes.

Try sending an ATDN command from the transmitter to the Receivers NI value. That would initiate a new rout discovery to occur.

Do you mean ATND?

No I mean the DN (Destination Node) command.