ZigBee Xbee S2 Mesh troubles router doesn't repeat incoming data

Good day!!

I’ve configured my ZigBee mesh net with 3 nodes:

A: ZB Coordinator in API 1 mode
B: ZB Router in AT mode
C: ZB Router in AT mode with a temp. sensor (act as sensor node)

All nodes have the same PAN ID
B and C nodes have DH and DL =0
A node have DH=0 and DL=FFFF

A and C can communicate between each other, but when the distance is bigger, they need to B node to repeat (router only) the data, but this is not working!!!

I’ve tried a lot of config but no have the solution…


Are you able to see all three nodes with a Node Discovery? Is the Sensor Nodes SM value set to 0 or some other value?

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yes, I am able to see the tree nodes in node and net discovery
SM in all nodes is seted to 0

Many thanks !!

Try following the directions located at http://knowledge.digi.com/articles/Knowledge_Base_Article/Range-Testing-with-a-ZigBee-Mesh-Network. That is leave node 2 off and move Node3 till you are just out of range. Then move back. When you get a good connection, power up node 3 and leave it at this spot. Then move Node 2 back away again. You should see the connection break for a min or so and then start back up as it finds a new rout.

I’d tried that before, but maybe need to restart the process again and check what is wrong … I’ll try and then reply to you…
Many thanks

Finally!, the network is working properly!!!

The config setting at this moment is:

>>>Coordinator Node (C):
Firmaware: ZigBee Coordinator API 1
PAN ID:1234
DH: 0
AO: Explicit [1]

>>>Router Node (R1):
Firmaware: ZigBee Router AT
PAN ID:1234
DH: 0
DL: 0

>>>End Point Sensor Node (S1):
Firmaware: ZigBee Router/End Device IO
PAN ID:1234
DH: 0
DL: 0

S1 node (sensor), can send directly to C node an IO Sample Message, when a digital IO input change is detected, (low to high or viceverse on some input pin like DIO1).

When S1 is far away to reach the C node, this node (C, coordinator), discover a new route across the R1 node (Router), then S1 is able to sending the data to router and this one repeated the signal to the Coordinator.

Thats all

Many thanks :slight_smile: