Xbee Zigbee network don't heal by itself

I have 4 Xbee S2 (1 coordinator API and 3 router API), in one room.
If they are all powered on, the network is perfect. But if power off one of the routers it stops the communication between the coordinator and all the routers. Shouldn’t the network rearrange by itself?

All the Xbee are with default configuration, except PAN ID, API and NI. Any ideas what could be wrong?

If it happens that the one router you are disconnecting happens to be the Bridge between the Coordinator and the others as they are out of range, then no you will not see a recovery as you do not have an alternative path for the data to flow. Now if you provide several paths for data to flow all in range of each other, IE providing alternative routs, then you will see it heal.