Xbee ZigBee Pro (S2C) with Anaren AIR ZigBee

I am working on a scenario where XBee ZigBee Pro (S2C) is a coordinator and Anaren AIR ZigBee (based on TI CC2530) modules are router/end devices

I am using

-Anaren AIR A2530E24A-LPZ module with MSP430G2

-Xbee ZigBee Pro (S2C) with Raspberry Pi

I was able to communicate between co-ordinator, router and end-devices of AIR A2530E24A-LPZ modules. Also can separately work with Xbee modules. Problem happens when I try to communicate between Xbee and AIR modules.

  1. Does Xbee ZigBee Pro (S2C) support AIR A2530E24A-LPZ?

  2. If I want to use Xbee was the coordinator and A2530E24A-LPZ modules as router/end devices, what network configurations I should be aware off? Channel? PAN ID? What else?

I have never used an XBee with a AIR A2530E24A-LPZ so I don’t know. But if you set the XBee ZS parameter to either 1 or 2, providing that the AIR A2530E24A-LPZ is functioning on a Zigbee 2006 or 2007 PRO Public profile they should be able to communicate.

I just tried that, zs=1 or zs=2, setting xbee as the co-ordinator and AIR A2530E24A-LPZ as the End Device but didnt work.

That would indicated that the AIR 2530 device is not using a Zigbee public profile but a private profile. Which means that you are not going to get the AIR device to associate with anyone else.