Inteoperability between Xbee and TIcc2530 modules


I am trying to establish communication between xbee and TI CC2530 zigbee modules.

The setting for xbee module is as follows

Function Set: Zigbee Router AT
Version : 22A0
Pan ID : 0(Default to join any n/w)
Stack Profile: 2(Zigbee Pro)
Channel Verification:Enable

The TI cc2530 is configured as coordiantor with zigbee Pro stack.

The xbee module is unable to join the network.

Please let me know where i falied to establish the network.

Hi Praneeth,

Set ZS=2

That will enable the zigbee Pro stack profile. Xbee product guide has more details (pg. 129):


Thank you Keith,
I got the solution and now the communication is fine.