XBee ZigBee communication with TI CC2650STK SensorTag

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has been able to configure their XBee to work with the TI CC2650 SensorTag module over ZigBee?
I’m using the TI provided Z-Stack firmware example, that is supposed to communicate using the home automation profile. Based on a red flashing LED it seems that the module is advertising itself for the communication.

I tried searching the forums for the relevant info on HA profile settings for my XBee (S2C, XB24C family) and here is what I found:

Zigbee Stack Profile (ZS) 2
Encryption Enable (EE) 1
Encryption Options (EO) 0
Encryption Key (KY) 5a6967426565416c6c69616e63653039
Network Encryption Key (NK) 0
API Enable (AP) 1
API Output Mode (AO) 3

However, this does not seem to work. Using the “Discover Radio Notes in the Same Network” feature of X-CTU return “no devices found”.

Does anyone have any info on the possible causes of the issue?

Thank you!

I’m not sure if the XCTU network mapping feature will work with non-Digi Zigbee devices. The best way to test network communication would be to send some ZDO transmissions and see if the remote radio responds.

Also, is Z-stack a proprietary TI profile? If so, it might not work with the standard ZigBee-PRO profile (ZS=2).

Set Xbee as a Coordinator by Enabled button

Disable Encryption

Set DH- 0 and DL - 0xFFFF

ZigBee Stack Profile- 2

first try to set channel setting same at both end

and write the module firmware and reset the ZED
and see on XCTU scan

Hi there,

I am currently having the same problem. I am trying to establish a connection between a XBee S2 API Coordinator and the SensorTag STK Enddevice.

I have configured the XBee Module according to the parameters specified there:

Have you been successful to establish a connection? I would highly appreciate any help or idea!


HI Felix,
Unfortunately I had to abandon trying to use zigbee for the sensortags and decided to switch to BLE. Not much I can help you with here.