How to communicate between XBee S2C module (coordinator) and sensor tag development kit CC2650STK (end device)?

Hi all,
I was trying to make communication with sensor tag development kit (CC2650STK) and XBee S2C module. I set the XBee module as the cordinator module, and sensor tag as end device.
Both were done in HA profile.
I firstly updated the Sensor tag module to the Zigbee using a SensorTag DevPack. Then I installed Z-Stack Home 1.2.2, Flash programmer 2 and IAR workbench. Using IAR workbench, I compiled the the package Sensortag.eww found in the location C: i\simplelink\zstack_home_1_02_02a_44539\Projects\zstack\HomeAutomation\SensorTag\CC2650.
After compilation two files such as sensortag–Sensortag and ZStackCore - EndDevice were created in C: i\simplelink\zstack_home_1_02_02a_44539\Projects\zstack\Core\Thread\CC26xx\EndDevice\Exe .out and .hex file
I then connected the CC 2650 Sensortag to the PC using the Debugger Devpack (Rev.:1.3.0) and opened SmartRF Flash Programmer 2

Located the .hex file and flash it onto the sensortag and it was successful.
In the XBee S2C module which being set as an cordinator using the XCTU software, I have done the following updates to make it work as HA profile.
Zigbee Stack Profile (ZS) 2
Encryption Enable (EE) 1
Encryption Options (EO) 0
Encryption Key (KY) 5a6967426565416c6c69616e63653039
Network Encryption Key (NK) 0
API Enable (AP) 1
API Output Mode (AO) 3
After setting up both the coordinator and End device, using the SmartRF Studio 7 I tried to send data to the Xbee module which is to be displayed in XCTU. But, the datas weren’t reaching there. So I tried to communicate to the CC2531 sniffer module, where I could view the packets of both sensor tag and the Xbee module . But, when I send data from sensor tag it is being received in the packet sniffer module and were as the datas from the Xbee module wasn’t received there.
Can someone help me in resolving such an issue?
Is the procedure what we did correct?

Sounds like they are not associated. Check the operating channel, PAN ID and 64 bit PAN ID to make sure they are the same.

If they are the same, assemble an API packet in XCTU to query the active end points on your 3rd party End device and send the packet via the XBee. You should get a response.