Which ZigBee HA Coordinator USB stick works with standard HA sensors(SensorTag)?

We have a few SensorTags(Working under z-Stack) which are based on the HA spec. We want to control and receive data from these sensors using XBee coordinator stick. Although the EndDevices are programmed using z-stack, since they follow HA spec, it should be possible to receive and process the packets using XBee stick.
Since we are used to XBee products it would be very convienient to use a good generic module from Digi for us.

Which ZigBee USB stick supports the standard HA profile?

Is there an official documentation from digi for those who want to use XBee modules with HA sensors from other devices?


None of the XSticks from Digi support the HA profile as they are all based on the older EM250 chip set or Freesscale chip set.

For HA you must use one of the S2C modules or based products such as the XB24CZ7PIT-004 or one of the USB Zigbee modems such as XA-Z14-CE1P-A

I have now bought XBee Pro S2C module as you recommended, but it could not connect with the SensorTag which is based on ZigBee HA profile. I can only see Beacon request from both sides using CC2531 ZigBee sniffer, but they could not connect.
I have installed ZBP24C firmware on the S2C coordinator,
Here is my setting: ZS=2,AP=1,AO=3,EE=1,EO=2,KY=5A6967426565416C6C69616E63653039. Is there any setting that I am missing?

Did you set the CE command to Coordinator?

Yes I did CE. I also set NJ=0xFF to allow joining but still no luck.

Nope, that would be all you need assuming that your 3rd party device is also using HA and does not require binding.