Xbee3 as coordinator, no zigbee route and adress not found

I configure my Xbee3 with Zigbee firmware in coordinator mode.
My Aqara sensor is paired with success. The discovery scan on XCTU detects it but does not identifiy the route between them.
When I try to send an 0x11 message, I receice a transmit status with a “Address not found” response.

I don’t understand if I forget something in the configuration. Can you help me ?

It sounds like the device does not accept 16 bit addressing.

Is there any work around to check this point ?

You could use a Zigbee sniffer. You could try to query active end points on the device.

With XCTU, I had analyzed the frames. I receive an 0x91 frame from the sensor. The 64-bits source address and the 16-bits source address are correctly defined.

Are you able to query the devices active end points?

I send the frame :
00 17
00 15 8D 00 07 C4 AD B6
00 05 // Cluster ID
00 00 // Profile ID
01 34 12

I receive immediately the frame :
7E 00 07 8B 01 FF FD 00 24 01 52
–> Delivery status 24 (Address not found)
–> Discover status 01 (Address discovery)

That is saying that it needed to do an Address discovery to find the device… The device should still respond to it if it is on the network.