XBee3 broadcast delay with multiple packets


Been testing a couple of Xbee 3’s that we’d like to use and I’ve noticed a problem with broadcast mode when in transparent mode. I’ll outline the setup below:

  • latest firmware on both units
  • xbee1: set to controller
    PAN id = 12345
    DH = 0x00000000
    DL = 0x0000FFFF
  • xbee2: set to router
    PAN ID = 12345

Test setup:

  • xbee1 packet content: 1234567890
  • transmit internal: 1000ms
  • repeat times: 20
  • start sequence

What happens:

  • xbee1 sends a packet every 1s
  • xbee2 initially receives the first 4-5 packets
  • then it “stops” receiving packets for 5-10 seconds
  • it then receives a couple of packets and then stops receiving for 5-10 seconds
  • repeat above two steps until all the data is received

This is much more evident when the interval is dropped to 100ms or less. This doesn’t occur if DH = SH and DL = SL of the router.

Is there a setting that I overlooked?