XBee's and Baluns

I’m working on setting up a prototype XBee system and I wanted to do an RF Sanity Check.

I’m developing on the XBee-PRO 900HP XSC module. On page 130 of the user guide, the modules are listed to have an output impedance of 50 ohms, unbalanced.

I was planning on connecting the XBee to the following dipole antenna:

From what I can understand, to truly radiate properly a dipole antenna requires a balanced signal and the output of my xbee outputs an unbalanced signal.

My sanity check is this, do people ever use baluns to maximize the radiation properties of their rubber-duckie dipole antennas, or do most people just radiate on unbalanced antennas (ie monopoles)?

Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the help.

The antenna you are referring to is a balanced antenna of 50 Ohms. You are more than welcome to use this antenna on that module.