XBP9B-DMST-002 Rev B Bricked?

I purchased (2) of these modules a few years ago with intent to create a low-latency point-to-point (peer to peer?)system. I could not get them to communicate and tossed them aside. Now dragged them out, got XCTU working and XTCU couldn’t detect them either. I’m using a cheap FTDI232 module connected to USB. I know that module works with other RF modules I’m experimenting with. Prior to XCTU tried the +++ and “Termite” terminal program to get it into config mode without success either.

I’d appreciate any thoughts/ideas/help,


That is a Programmable XBee. There is a 2nd processor on them that you must write and port code over to using a BDM programmer before you can talk to the RF processor.