XBP9B-DMSTB002 cant program?

I have i pair of XBP9B-DMSTB002 Radios that I ordered from digikey. I got them today, and I cannot get these to communicate in the XCTU software. keeps saying press the config button. So I jump pin 6 to ground, and it doesnt respond.

So, I did some reading online and learned there are DIFFERENT pinouts for these devices. it says nothing that I can find in the datasheet, or any documentation about being pinout differences.

So i removed the RSSI LED, and on one module it worked one time. But not again. The 2nd module, its not working at all.

I decided to try a simple 3.3K pull up resistor on the pin 6 RSSI pin, and it still didnt make any difference. Even tried grounding it.

If I type V in the terminal, i get VBL032-3B0-D37_064 reply from the radio. Not the seeking numbers where there are numerous complaints online about it.

It would be nice if some standards were kept? I designed my new device around the 900HP datasheet, and I do use the RSSI pin for function, but apparently its not RSSI anymore? But yet it says so in the datasheet.

Any ideas?

These are Programmable modules. That is, you need to write and upload a bootloader app to the modules 2nd processor before you can get XCTU to access the RF processor.