XBXC3 - LTE-M NB-IOT Cellular - Micropython module network.Cellular.config() parameters list.

Hello, I am looking for either the full network module used in the Xbee 3 XBXC3 micropython variant (preferred as then I can solve more of my problems as they arise) or at least a full list of keyword arguments that you can pass to the config.

The module in question is: network.Cellular()
The function is config()
the arguments are what I am looking for. A Full list would be nice. The source of the network module would be better.

example usage:

import network
cell = network.Cellular()

I am looking for all available commands in place of ‘operator.’ There are some in the documentation but not all. I really want at least the dB value of the cellular signal (or equiv).

Again, if anyone knows the location of the network module this version of micropython uses I would be happier. No doubt it is somewhere simple I just can’t seem to find it.


Did you check the documentation located at https://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=5674&type=documentation or in the Help file within the plugin?

I have checked the following documentation:

  1. https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/90002219/reference/r_xc_network_configuration_class_cellular.htm


These provide examples but not a full list of accepted arguments. The documentation you suggested covers some of the commands. The pycharm help directs to these resources.

Thanks for replying. It is still unresolved.

Looking for the complete list or the github where the digi micropython is compiled from (if that exists). In this git i would expect to see a modified network module. In that C code you should see the accepted arguments.

You might simply need to wait till the update comes out where more of this kind of data will be documented.

The current broadest list of supported parameters are:

  • phone (ATPH)
  • iccid (ATS#)
  • imei (ATIM)
  • operator (ATMN)
  • operating_apn (ATOA)
  • apn (ATAN)

Not all of these config values are available on all XBee/XBee3 Cellular products (depends on which AT commands are supported).

This set of configuration is also documented in our typehints, which is integrated with the XBee MicroPython PyCharm plugin. https://github.com/digidotcom/xbee-micropython/blob/master/typehints/common/network.pyi#L43

If this list does not cover any particular parameters you wish to configure, you can always use xbee.atcmd() to perform the configuration using our AT commands.

In the meantime, I have put in a note internally that we should put this list into the Digi MicroPython guide.

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