XCTU and Windows 10

XCTU does not run properly on windows 10. The user interface is not usable. The controls on the screen are all pushed together. It appears xctu cannot handle the display settings for windows 10. Any help is appreciated.

No it is not a windows 10 thing. Sounds like you have a small resolution. XCTU is designed to work with 1280 x 1024 resolutions.

Hello Jebright,

I don’t currently have a Windows 10 system up and running, but I know there were some issues with the very 1st versions of the XCTU-NG and resolution. What version of XCTU are you running?

Version 6.3.0

Thank you for the response. I tried that resolution (1280x1024) and XCTU still does not look the way it should. Still unusable. I’ve read something about high DPI displays and apps having problems on Windows 10. I mention it here in case someone know more about his than I do…


I’m running X-CTU on Windows 10 with no problem. I would think either it is a small resolution setting or a version issue, as another person is indicating. Try upgrading X-CTU or increasing your resolution (if you can).


I apologize, you are right. It is not Win 10 but resolution. I have two Win10 laptops, one is a surface pro3 and some of the pop-up dialogs are bunched up and I can’t see what I’m typing in.

Maybe they can change those to re-sizable dialog boxes.

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