XCTU not recognizing Xbee Pro SX but can recover without issue

I’ve assembled a custom PCB that has a Xbee Pro SX on it. After not using it for about a month, I am unable to add it to XCTU, or to communicate with it over UART. However, I am able to use Xbee Recovery to reset the firmware without issue, so I know it’s hooked up correctly to my UART/USB converter. What do I need to do to communicate with this module?

Are you able to communicate with it over the air?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try yet, I’m still waiting on my other module to ship. I also don’t have a spectrum analyzer available to test it that way either.

Am I correct in understanding that you only have the One module to work with? If so, how are you verifying two way communications?

Are you able to force AT command mode at all? You should be able to at 9600 baud. If you can get into command mode, try issuing an ATRE, WR, CN.