xctu Range test

I have programmable XBee-Pro

How does the XCTU Range-Test work?

i know how to get the RSSI-Value (by PIN 7 or AT command in C Code) but how can i get the Package loss?( BTW. really thank you for this funktion. but rssi just get the complete power value at the frequency with noise and i never know something about the quality of the message)

if my transmitter just send increasing numbers and has an error, my ZigBee reciever just dont send the acknowledgement-message and the transmitter will send the number again.

Is there some kind of Error flag that rises if a incomming message was wrong (by checksum?)
I need this because i dont have usb port at my reciever.

greetings lueis

The range test works by sending out a 32 byte packet. That packet is expected back within 1 second. If that packet does not come back within the time frame allowed or does not come back whole, it is considered bad and discard.

Thank you. But is it an error if the first message was bad or is it an error if the resend message also was bad?

Because in Zigbee protocoll, bad messages will be resent directly.

Also ZigBee uses Hamming-Codes. So one error bit can be adjust immediate. Is an one error-bit message considered as a bad message?

If a valid message is not received, then it is considered bad. Only good valid packets are indicated by Good.