XCTU reading wrong values after switching to a Coordinator

I have my XBee 3 device connected to a regulated board from Sparkfun. This board is connected to an Arduino UNO with an extra pair of software RX/TX pins.

I got the XBee board working with the pair of software pins. X-CTU recognized the device and I could read/write it to it.

I wanted to create a ZigBee mesh network, I tried changing one of my XBee devices into a Coordinator. This seemed to work fine after doing this I clicked on the sync button (read) and it started reading all the values very slow and once it was done the values it had entered they were all wrong. Instead of numbers, they were like AA, AB, etc.

I tried switching it back to a Router and it doesn’t do anything after this.

Digi does not know much about the Arduino boards or SparkFun boards. I am not sure what Sync button you are referring to.

To create a mesh, you only need to set CE to 1 on your coordinator.

I provided an image, (IMG 1)

From the image, you can’t really see but, it is reading the radio modules settings very slow. Compared to a Router it loads it way faster. After changing it to a Coordinator I can’t change it back to Router. I provided another image showing what happens after it loaded all the devices.

First, it prompts me if I want to update the firmware apparently some firmware version has changed? (IMG 2)

I click ‘NO’ because I am sure nothing has changed and when I try to update it I get other issues.

After that… well I am sure you can already see it in the background that all the values read from the XBee are different. (IMG 3)

I didn’t seem to have this issue when I try to read/write to the XBee device when it is a Router.

Link for images:

Try updating your firmware and see if the issue is still there. If so, you will want to send an email to Digi Support at tech.support@digi.com