xctu set up for xsc from router to Coordinator

Once I go to configure, I go to network and Security Tab
it offers the following:
ID, Modem VID
HP, Hopping Channel
DT, Destination Address
MY, Source Address
MK, Address mask
RR, Rentries
RN, Delay Slots
MD, RF Mode
TT, Streaming Limit
SY, Time before

It offer’s No CE available, as in i’m not really sure how to change something to
◦C: Coordinator
◦R: Router

I am doing simply trying to do a simple range test off of the two development boards. If anyone can give me any advice on how to set these up it would be very appreciative.

Product Family :XBP9B-XC
Function: XBEE-PRO XSC(3B)

It should be noted i’m using xctu 6.0


The XSC is not a mesh based product. It is a point to point/mulch-point based product. It dos not use Coordinator or router functions this is why you can’t set them,