Xem PCI - DGAP driver wpgrade from RHEL5 32bit to RHEL6.2 64-bit ?

We have been running several systems with AccelePort Xem Low Profile Universal PCI Card #77000877 for years on RHEL5 32bit installations using DGAP-1.3-8.i386.rpm

Our sysadmin wants to upgrade all of our machines to RHEL 6.2 64-bit w/kernel at 2.6.32-220.7.1 and has told me to go see if we have the right drivers.

Can anyone tell me if this is doable and possibly point me to a compatible dgap driver?

(I see a couple rpms at ftp1.digi.com/support/beta/linux/dgap/ either dgap-1.3-21.src.rpm or dgap-1.3-22.src.rpm)

Im clearly over my head so any guidance is greatly appreciated.

The dgap-1.3-22.src.rpm driver will work with that kernel.