XLR Pro IP Socket Mode


What is the IP Socket mode for?

I have read through the XLR Pro documentation and cannot wrap my head around the IP Socket mode concept.

The documentation claims “IP Socket mode provides serial communication for a single TCP or UDP port on the XLR PRO”.

Documentation also goes on to say “The same operations that can occur in serial mode can also occur in IP socket mode”

So does that mean the XLR Pro has an on board serial to TCP/IP converter?

What I am trying to accomplish is using a software based HMI, I would like to communicate over Modbus TCP/IP directly to the centralized radio via ethernet, than transmit that data to a remote radio out in the field, convert the Modbus TCP/IP protocol to Modbus RTU protocol out the serial port either RS485 or RS232 pending on my setup. Than Visa Versa. I am setting the XLR Pro up to try and accomplish this task but with no results.

What I am able to do is transmit and recieve data both with Serial (RS232 and RS485) and Ethernet RF Bridging seperatly. These methods all work great but would like to not have to use a seperate TCP/IP to Serial Converter if able.

Yes the XLR Pro has an onboard serial to TCP/IP convertor.

The IP socket mode is generally used as a point to point cable replacement. It is designed to transmit any signal it receives on the serial port to an IP socket and vice versa.

In your scenario you require active protocol conversion from Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP/IP. This is not part of the XLR Pro feature set but is available on our serial IP adaptors.

You would be best to use a Digi One IA or Digi One IAP in conjunction with the XLR Pro.