Are there plans for DigiMesh on XLR?

Are there plans for DigiMesh support on XLR?
From the documentation it’s just looking like P2MP and Broadcast/Directed Broadcast mode.

The radio module docs ( just mention mesh in the context of the NO command, but looks like a legacy issue.

The radio modem doc ( just mentions it in the context of the TO command, and also looks like legacy info.

The ND and FN look like they’re just doing a broadcast with a node info request, but little docs on the overall repeater modes, etc info in the XBee documentation.

So, is it supported or going to be?

Also- is there any way to get RSSI appended with every received packet while in API mode, or do I need to explicitly do a DB query to get it after every packet? (and what if I dont catch the exact timing of the end of a packet before the next one comes in? looks like there’s no way for me to tell which packet/node the RSSI pertains to other than ‘last one’)

Thanks for any info!