XM-M92 Modem to XBee3 Pro via DigiMesh?

I recently purchased a XM-M92-UP-UA modem to extend the range of my DigiMesh network. My network is running XBee3 Pro TH (DigiMesh). Can the modem interface over DigiMesh with the XBee3s or do I need to send the data over serial/USB to the modem and receive it with another modem?

I would think that they should interface with each other directly since they have are using the same wireless protocol. The only thing that stands out to me in XCTU is that the modem requires a preamble that I am unable to set for the XBee3 Pro.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

No they do not as they are operating at different frequencies. The XBee 3 is a 2.4 GHz product where by the XM-M92 is a 900 MHz product.