XML in Smart Project Editor for Dia


I’m using the Smart Project Editor in Digi ESP for Python tool to create and manage my Dia project. By writting a device’s XML file and putting it to the xml_elements/devices folder, I can now make appear my own device in the Dia element and add it into my network. But I find that in this XML file, I can only use the basic controls like label, radio button, dropdown list, text box in the setting section. I need to create a toggle button to turn on or off some peripherials. So my question is that can I create this button in the XML file? Thanks for your help

Hi zigbee_man,

After looking through the various xml_elements, I don’t think there is a way for you to represent a boolean field as a toggle button. It seems all boolean fields are represented in the same way, eg. two radio buttons with On/Off, True/False, etc. as the values.

Is there any particular behavior you want with the toggle button? Like making other fields required on enabled?