XML parser/framer

We are planning a project using the Digi Connect Wi-ME. We need to be able to interpret and generate XML files, which means that we need an XML parser to process the incoming files and extract the element and attribute values into C structs, and we need an XML framer to build the output data into XML elements. Does this functionality exist in the software of the ME? I found an article written by a NetSilicon guy in 2001 saying they were writing one… Or does anyone know where I can get source that does this?

Many thanks - Rowan


The NET+OS development kit does include the SAX Parser.


Thanks for your answer. Is there also a “framer” or any kind of tool to help with the conversion of data (e.g. in C structs) into XML for output by the Connect Wi-ME?

Or if this doesn’t exist in the dev kit, does anyone know of any available source library to do this job, to save the time of writing it from scratch?

Thanks - Rowan