XTend 900 Range and Speed Problem

Hi, we are trying to communicate XTend 900 MHz (North America) devices in Turkey and as far as I know, 915 MHz is ISM band in our country. We looked at spectrum analyzer, it shows 915 MHz is free, so that shouldn’t be a problem. We are using a09-hasm-675 antennas. We used XCTU to perform range, spectrum and throughput tests and results are very bad. Even though selected power is 30 dBm, at outdoor, communication stops after 100 meters. Below are the spectrum analyzer and range test results in the lab(indoor), there are 2 devices with 2 meters range(there isn’t any object between them). Range test says -40 dBm and throughput is only 20 kbit per second. We checked how much current they are drawing and it is maximum 300 mA but it should be 730 mA.(We are using 5 V 2 A adapters to power devices). What should be the problem? And if we can’t do this using these, should we try using Digi XBee SX 868 devices?

This product does not operate on 915 MHz. It operates on 902 - 928 MHz ONLY. That is it is a Frequency hopping product which uses the entire 902-928 MHz with a gap at 915. It is NOT something that can be used in Europe at all.