Xtend xtp9b aes get "Garbage"


I got 2 XTP9B-DPM-001 and 2 xt09-MI and they all communicate together if no AES key is set but once i set an AES key ( the same on the 4 device) the two xtp9b receive and send “garbage” to and from the other instead of the data while the xt09 comunicate together without a problem.

All the device got the same setting and are communicating in peer-to peer with Transparent operation.

xt09 to xt09 Work
xtp9b to xtp9b Work
xtp9b to xt09 Work
xt09 to xtp9b Work

with AES
xt09 to xt09 Work
xtp9b to xtp9b Garbage
xtp9b to xt09 Garbage
xt09 to xtp9b Garbage

example of test with aes
SEND xtp9b : 0123456789012345678901234567890123456789
GET xtp9b : GbÁ7?8&¿£›C æ=ÇWž3×Ú½øÈ]—ÕMQz=bªñN‘Ã
GET xt09 : V©QuŒPaªéìÉ“òî[ð–ò\ÜÌGêËø

is there someone who can tell me why this happen and how to make it work ?


Hello David,

There was a batch of radios that were released that used a previous version of the processor. This processor doesn’t process the encryption properly. This was replaced with a different rev that does work.

If you issue an ATP% from the console, you will receive either an 8103 or 8204. If you get the 8103, this means that you have the previous processor and this must be RMA’d.
The support engineers are aware of the issue.

At the console do the following:

1.Type +++ and wait for an OK
2.Type ATP% and hit enter. You will receive one of the two responses.
3.Type ATCN and hit enter. This will exit command mode.

If you find out that you need the RMA, just give the support engineers a call (866-765-9885) and they will get the RMA ball rolling.

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