ZDO Mgmt LQI Request Issue/Question


I’m using XBee PRO S2 modules for communication in a real-time control application. I have to read out the link topology of the network. In a first stage it is only important to know all existing links in the network but at a later stage also the link qualities are of interest. The modules are configured as 1 coordinator and 7 routers as power supply is not an issue.

I tried to use the ZDO “Mgmt LQI Request” (0x0031) command to read out the neighbors of each ZigBee PRO module in the network. It shows me the correct number of modules and if I power on additional modules I can see this in the response API frames (0x8031).

Nevertheless, if i power off a module which obviously causes the loss of some links I cannot see this in subsequent Mgmt LQI Requests. I still see the module which was powered off and the link quality doesn’t decrease (stays at 0xFF or 0xFE).

Does it only decrease if real communication on it takes place or is there a possibility to clear the neighbor list? Thanks for your help!


I also have problems using the “Mgmt Routing Request” (0x0032) command. If I do a transmission to a specific destination the routing table is not immediately updated. But there is an entry when I do - lets say - 50 transmission to the same destination. How and when is the routing table exactly updated? Is there some information/documentation out there how this is exactly handled internally?


no ideas? or at least a hint where I can get answers to my questions?