Zigbee: Router to router quick handover

I have a zigbee network with one coordinator (Connectport X2), some routers (Connectport X2) and many end devices (xbee 24 s2c). End devices are moving from one router to the other. What could be best setting to minimize transfer time and blackouts ?

You can’t. The timeouts are a function of the Zigbee standard. It would be far better for all nodes to be routers than some end devices. This way they are not trying to communicate with the parent routers 3 times before they have to re-join the network before they can send and receive data.

The question is pretty fair. Are you sure nothing can be done, for example reducing standard values for timeouts ?

The only thing you could possibly do is to issue a local network reset on your end device. But by doing this, you are then adding the time needed to go thru a full join cycle each and every time. Simply put, your best option to limit latency is to have ALL nodes but the Coordinator routers. Then no Join or re-join is required. All that is needed is a new rout discovery if even that.