ZLL Profile future support

I have several XBee PRO Series 2 radios using the ZB HA profile.

As other third party devices (E.g. OSRAM’s Lightify, Philips Hue) make use of the ZLL profile to use some of their features, using them with the ZB HA coordinator disables some functionalities for not being in a ZLL network.

As far as I can see from other questions/answers, current devices only support the HA profile.

What are the plans to support ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) in Digi products such as XBee S2 / XBee PRO S2 with ZigBee firmwares?

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As far as I am aware, None exist for the XBee ZB module that you are referring to. Try looking at the XBee ZB SMT module which has a larger processor. I understand that it supports some of the functions needed for HA.

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thanks for the answer. I checked XBee ZB SMT modules and they only support HA profile as well. So they do not provide support for the ZLL profile.

Does any Digi product support the LightLink ZigBee profile? (ZLL)


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I have been very interested in the same kind of configuration. I wanted to play around with controlling GE Link lights since I’ve had so many problems with boxed solutions.

I did find this post which says it won’t work because of some special networking (inter-pan commands) and an additional post explaining that there’s a ZLL certification process that adds in a master key for controlling on the market devices.

I’m sure you probably already found this same information but thought I’d share it.



Hopefully someone shares an alternative method or something.

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That is something you need to contact Digi Sales to find out The Support Forum is a place for Customers helping customers and is not monitored by Digi.

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i have a question please related to your experience.
Now I have xbee 3 module and I am trying to control ZLL light by this module and xctu software.
i set the xbee module as coordinator and tried to discovering to lights but I couldn’t find any device. is that because the light using ZLL?
does XTCU able to discover the ZigBee light in the network mod?