12 key keypad application

I am new to the use of xbee. I want to use them to get user input and provide feed back from 12 key matrix keypads with a couple of LEDs for the feedback. My application will require 3 keypads so I will need to be able to communicate with each one independently but all three of them will need to be on line at the same time. My application will look for a key press from each of the keypads, record the key, send feet back to the user indicating the input was accepted, then lock the keypad from any further input until released by the program. I would also like the other LED to indicate a connection status to the host application.

Are there any resources that would help my under stand the programming and setup of the xbee devices to accomplish the above. If there are any tutorials that would also be helpful.



really this sounds more like a simple data pass through application as far as the radios are concerned. That is to say, your devices will most likely have some sort of processor that is looking at the data from the inputs and then determine what to do. In these types of application, the radio only as a cable between the devices in which case, the product manual should provide you with all of the information you need…