I am using the xbee pro 900hp mesh kit, and using for remote building monitoring

i need a simple network, i have 3 buildings, 1- would be the receiver for the other 2 Xbees, relay contacts close on fault, transmit back to building one. this Xbee is receiver and will provide o/p to cellular modem.
i have setup 2 xbee,s i can see they are communicating. but i cannot get o/ps triggering.
i have same CM,ID,DH- is destination Xbee.
API mode 1
D4 is set to input on trans, set to output on receiver.

customer asked to use this kit, he has no experience. and neither do I.
reading User guide tonite,again

thanks for any help

I am not sure what you need help with. If properly configured, when a status changes on the input module, an API frame should be sent out the receiver.