5600W Serial Questions

Hey all - first post on these forums :slight_smile:

I’m well experienced with several embedded forms however this is my first project using a Rabbit system - and I have been very very happy with the great documentation and very complete library to get me started.

In attempting to get a serial device (in duplex) to communicate with the 5600W (using development kit + proto board) I’ve hit a bit of a snag. If someone could double check my wiring …

(for use with Serial Port D)
5600W PC0 -> STAMP Pin15 (Serial RX)

When this is wired; the 5600W refuses to power up; when plugged into USB it flashes a bit then goes dark (scary).

Before I go dig into using a different board; my first obvious question is: is the 5600W input line 5V tolerant?

2nd question:
does using serDopen( ) automatically flip pins (in this case PC0, PC1) to Output, Input (respectively)?? Does it also flip the clock pins? I was unable to find documentation on that and the serial examples (for 4000) seem to manually flip the RX line to input.



Got it all workin :slight_smile:

Took some reading heh - but got it :slight_smile: Had some issues w/ the other device too and working thru all of it 1 by 1 took some effort.

Anyway - I’m still really happy with the Rabbit documentation however I would like to add that I’d love to see references that point from the 5000 series to the “Heres how we did it on the 4000 and it still works” (particularly in samples heh)