64bit module address

I have got solution for xbee configuration problem but now I have another problem.that is 64 bit module address.

I am using the 64bit xbee module address to communicate with the xbee modules.I am using the 1 Master and 2 slaves Master has got both slave xbee module 64 bit Address in it and each slave has got masters xbee module 64 bit address. for 1st 50 msec communication with slave1 and next 50 msec with slave2.If any module fails master or slave I have to update the xbee module address in master or slave microcontroller code. How to avoid this. Please tell any technique is there.

The 64-bit address never changes. The 16-bit one does.

Sending the message with both the fixed 64-bit and the last known 16-bit speeds up the performance, but as you’ve noticed the 16-bit address is invalidated if the that node leaves & reattaches to the mesh.

So (if I understand my ZB right) you need to do this:

  1. start by using 0xFFFE as the 16-bit address on outgoing requests.
  2. once you see a response with a value other than 0xFFFE, you should remember & use it instead
  3. but once the request fails, then you need to FORGET the remembered 16-bit, setting it back to 0xFFFE until you see a response.

The Digi X4 (& other) gateways hide this detail from you, but if you are directly talking to your “Master” XBee, then you must do this in yoru PIC manually.