Change 64bit adress

Hello, I’m currently working with XBee 802.15.4 in API mode but the range is a little bit low for my application, so I decided to go with the 868.

Till now I was using the 16 bits address which I could change on my will. This was convenient because I had some devices on the network that had send messages to a specific device and this device had always the address ??FF. The system was like this:
the device asks the XBee for its own address. This address is for example 3829. Now the device nows it must send the messages the 38FF.

I would like to do something similar but with the 868s. They don’t have a 16bits address. Is there a way to change the 64bits address?

No there is not as the 64 bit address is the MAC address of the radio which is an IEEE address. Instead you may want to use the NI and DN commands.