Hot to get 64 bits address from 16 bits network address xbee3 zigbee?

I receive an RX packet with only a 16 bits address (64 bits set to unknown in packet) from a end device going to sleep just after sending the packet, how to retrieve the 64 bits address of this device(FFFF… in the rx packet). How can I ask the router to give me the address according to their own addresses table?

Packets are only sent to the coordinator and remote AT command is not possible since the end device goes directly to sleep after sending the TX packet.

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You would need to send a remote AT command to read the child table.

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Which AT command to send something like the 16Bits address to 64 bits request ?

I just have access to router and no end devices.

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If anyone has the same problem its a bug in xbee3 firmware corrected in version 100B…

Thanks, was searching all over the place for solutions, turns out I need to update firmware