Xbee sockets 16-bit addressing


I am trying to send a message to a remote device using its short address. According to the documentation of “XBee Extensions to the Python Socket API”, to send a message using a short address the address must be of the form “[nnnn]!”. However, when I try to send the message I receive the following error: socket.error: [Errno 95] Operation not supported.

I am using the X2e ZB.


the error you’re seeing might be by design. I can remember hearing some of the engineers say that 16-bit zigbee addressing isn’t recommended, because it’s dynamic. They very well may have disabled it.

Also, if I remember correctly, the article that your quoting, was written before the X2e was developed.

I know the Short addresses may change but I’m trying to implement some functionalities of ZDP (Zigbee Device Profile) and in some cases I would like to use them.
I have been following the instructions and examples of Digi ESP. I have not found any other article in the Digi web page talking about the extended python sockets. Are the extended sockets the right way to communicate with X2eZB Zigbee radio?
Thank you for your help.

Extended python sockets is what you’ll want to use. But I would be surprised if you could get it working with a 16-bit addressing.