Zigbee Extension to Python socket API question

Trying to communicate to the X2 using Python and calling the “socket” module. The app note says Digi has extended the standard Python socket. The command is:

from socket import *
DESTINATION=(“00:13:A2:00:40:68:04:BF!”, \ 0x5e, 0xc105, 0x703)

I keep getting a error “invalid token”. I am using the 16 digit Mac address of the X2, End Point 0x5e, profile ID 0xc105, Custer ID 0x703. I find these addresses on the iDigi appspot under the Network Tree.

Am I using the correct socket module that comes with Python ? Is there a unique Zigbee socket module somewhere ?


May be because of wrong syntax, try this

DESTINATION=(“00:13:A2:00:40:68:04:BF!”, 0xe8, 0xc105, 0x11)

The PC’s socket module will NOT work with this & cannot be used with (as example) a USB-based XBee.

This only works on a Digi gateway, and the ‘unique Zigbee socket module’ is actually not in Python, but is part of the Digi product RTOS.

  • Lynn